Hortus Simplicium ang Giardino della Valle del Primo Presepe

 Via dell'Episcopio 2 - by reservation 

The Medieval Garden of the City of Rieti is surrounded by the beautiful frame of the Papal Palace, in the heart of the historic center and close to the main square and the cathedral of Santa Maria Madre di Dio, also called “dell’ Assunta”.

It extends for over 500 squared meters and contains about 80 herbaceous species mainly coming from the Italian flora, selected for their use, for their symbolic and religious meaning and for their importance in the culinary, medical and mystical history of the Central Italy.

The Hortus Simplicium subdivision retraces the model of the Heavenly Jerusalem: four quadrants with four communication trenches that symbolize the intersection of the holy rivers from which rises the Tree of Life, represented, in the Western tradition, by the pomegranate tree.

An additional space in the Medieval Garden is dedicated to the horticultural and fruit trees production.

A laurel hedge divides the Medieval Garden form the “Giardino della Valle del Primo Presepe”, an ideal space for the rest of the body and soul. In the center of the garden, that extends for 600 squared meters, there is a pond inhabited by carps and marsh plants.

On the sites, eight willow resides beds contain different herbaceous species that bloom in late autumn, cheering up the coldest months.

The pergola vine training leads to the entrance of the Medieval Garden hall, a small laboratory for the research and protection of biodiversity. During the event “La Valle del Primo Presepe” the exhibition of old pages of Renaissance herbaria is enriched by nativity scenes works.

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